Adult Lessons

It is never too late in life to start playing the piano, and it is incredibly rewarding!



Learning to play your favorite tunes within a very short period of time – without hours of practicing – is quite a lot of fun. Adults enjoy learning the art of improvisation – reading chord charts, simple music notation for LH accompaniments to several musical styles – their songs sound full and delightful to the listener.




  • great for eye/h and co-ordination – h ands on arts experience
  • healthy for the brain and is proven to be therapeutic
  • a most enriching use of leisure time
  • opens up opportunities to accompany a choir or singing / dancing groups


Technology that we use in the Studio and digital pianos with accompanying software is amazing and enhances the experience and ability to improvise quicker.





“I have been taking piano lessons from Dianne for almost four years and it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! To start at age 61, never realizing how much enjoyment I would get, and fulfilling a lifelong dream!! Dianne is extremely patient, a great encourager and a lot of fun; listening to her play is a treat and makes me want to work harder and practice more. Dianne is the most accomplished piano player I have…”


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