The curriculum is well balanced, inspiring, and chosen individually for each student’s interest and desired objective. The lessons are focused and given in a professional manner. Exploring the great Classical composers, preparing for Conservatory performance exams, creating your own music, or even learning to improvise your favourite popular music is quite rewarding and lots of fun, especially on the 2 large studio Yamaha Disklavier grand pianos.


Studio students enjoy:

  • recording their performances and making their own personal CD’s
  • playing along to orchestral accompaniments such as Concerto’s
  • enjoying playing popular/jazz ensemble music with instrumental and vocal tracks


High School Credits are available through our Canadian Conservatories with completion of intermediate level grades in piano theory.


Community Service awards are available to the students.



Theory / Pedagogy / Composition



Preparation for all RCM Conservatory exams ~ Rudiments, History, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis Pedagogy Classes ~ Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Rudiments, Harmony, History, and Pedagogy classes are taught in conjunction with music software and online programs like Sibelius, Educational music games, iPad Apps, Garage Band and more. The study of theory is an enjoyable and essential tool in the student’s musical development, especially with all the online resources, games, apps, and software available today! Learning the art of music writing / composition is a rewarding experience for students of all ages. Private lessons or classes are available for all the above courses.


Every student receives extraordinary personal benefits from the participation in piano and theory examinations. They can be challenging, but very satisfying and motivating for most students.



Studio associated Conservatories:


Royal Conservatory of Music


Conservatory Canada


British Columbia Consevatory of Music


Christian Conservatory of Music