我们决定给您写一封感谢信, 感谢您的帮助.

您是一位优秀的钢琴老师。我们的女儿, AKELA 几年前转到您的音乐室.
您启发了我们的女儿以开放和积极的心态继续学习钢琴. 您把课程安排
得井井有条, 而且对临时时间变动也非常包容. 我们喜欢您的有效的教
学方法: 您在鼓舞学生的同时…”

“I have been taking piano lessons from Dianne for almost four years and it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! To start at age 61, never realizing how much enjoyment I would get, and fulfilling a lifelong dream!! Dianne is extremely patient, a great encourager and a lot of fun; listening to her play is a treat and makes me want to work harder and practice more. Dianne is the most accomplished piano player I have…”

“Dianne Bohn has been a mentor, teacher and musical friend for over 10 years and I cannot speak highly enough about her skill as a teacher and musician. Dianne has supported me as an adult student through years of theory exams, classical piano repertoire and more currently, jazz and pop improvisation. Her versatility, patience and humor enable students to pursue their musical endeavors in a positive environment. Not only are…”