“I have two grandsons who take lessons with Dianne. The elder of the two boys had been taking lessons with another teacher for a few years, but when she had to stop teaching due to ill health, Dianne offered to accept Taylor as a student. After the first lesson, Taylor commented on her professionalism and expressed that he was very happy to be her student. Dianne has worked tirelessly and selflessly with her students to see them through exams and the upper Island Music Festival. Her students have achieved high marks because Dianne expects each student to give their best. I can attest to her hard work and dedication, as both grandsons have progressed extremely well, with Taylor being chosen to represent the Upper Island Music Festival at the Provincials this year; and Xenny will be starting to prepare for his Grade 3 exam as he enters Grade 3 at school. I am so grateful that Dianne accepted my grandsons as students as they have thrived under her tuition. Thank you Dianne.”

~ Adeline Setterfield