“Piano was something I had always wanted to learn but didn’t have the opportunity, so I wanted my children to have the opportunity to learn piano at the best time of their life. Looking for a good teacher to teach the children piano and the world of music was very important. Fortunately, we met Dianne who was recommended to us by two friends. Their children had wonderful learning experiences with Dianne for years.


Dianne treats all of her students as individuals, recognizing that each person has a unique way of learning and has different goals. She is well qualified and uses her experience of performance and music production to make piano lessons more interesting. Her strong teaching background in both piano and theory provide solid learning foundation to her students. Dianne’s lessons are well structured, flexible and tailored to suit each student. She is remarkably patient and skilled in teaching, especially beginners and young children. I strongly encourage anyone at any stage of their learning to go to Dianne, especially parents who want to increase the chances of their child committing to piano long term.”

~ Bereya Kang