我们决定给您写一封感谢信, 感谢您的帮助.

您是一位优秀的钢琴老师。我们的女儿, AKELA 几年前转到您的音乐室.
您启发了我们的女儿以开放和积极的心态继续学习钢琴. 您把课程安排
得井井有条, 而且对临时时间变动也非常包容. 我们喜欢您的有效的教
学方法: 您在鼓舞学生的同时, 又会严格要求他们. 

AKELA 喜欢一年四季的演奏会和音乐节. 您教的非常仔细耐心, AKELA
总是很喜欢您的课. 您和我们的女儿之间存在真正的信赖关系. AKELA





“Hi Dianne,


We have decided to write a small letter to you to thank you for your help.


You are an excellent piano teacher. Our daughter, Akela was transferred to your studio
several years ago. You have inspired our daughter to continue learning piano with an open
and positive mind. You are super organized and always very accommodating schedule
changes. We like your positive discipline teaching method: you are kind, encouraging and
firm at the same time.


Akela likes the recitals, music festivals throughout the year. Akela always has positive
things to say about your lessons. There is real chemistry between you and our daughter.
We all appreciate all your hard work.


Thank you”

~ Chao & Rod Szasz